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Show 13/52

By Gregory John | 27. March 2017 | 0 Comments

   Show Dear Lynette and Georgia, Have you ever had that feeling that you are missing out on something? Or have you been late for a cinema film! It’s quite a feeling hey. What about sitting in the front row at a concert or having just good seats that cost a small fortune and are happy […]

Learning something New 12/52

By Gregory John | 19. March 2017 | 0 Comments

Learning something New Dear Lynette, Learning something new always is an opportunity to grow. It’s that touch of uncertainty that needs to be overcome and embraced. It could be a new word that you learn or a new approach to a certain matter, that can have an excellent effect only when embarked. One needs to muster […]

Bitching, No More! 11/52

By Gregory John | 13. March 2017

No More Bitching! No More bitching! Now, what motivates you? What is it the makes you feel your blood running through your veins that little bit faster? As a matter of fact why is it that the people we love and respect, bombarded us with so much negativity towards one of the few things in […]

Praise, The Puzzle Piece 10/52

By Gregory John | 6. March 2017

 Praise, The Puzzle Piece Well, here is number 10 of 52 blogs on getting up to speed, Now this is praiseworthy don’t you think?. I hope it’s giving you both a better understanding and perspective to the way I see certain aspects of business and salon life. So Lynette when you start your apprenticeship in […]

Life Game 9/52

By Gregory John | 27. February 2017

  Life Game I’ve enjoyed having fun with you both playing computer games. What’s cool about these games is the given challenge to master and complete the task given? Once, one is off into the game, its trail and error, require the necessary skill to achieve the goal and move on. In the first place, […]

Color’s of Life

By Gregory John | 20. February 2017

  Colour’s of The Big Picture Dear Georgia & Lynette, I was always looking at the big picture of my life, which is a great thing to do but kept feeling there was too much on my plate. Overwhelmed. Yes, one could say my plate was too small. That was because I had not learned […]

Steam 7/52

By Gregory John | 13. February 2017

Dear Georgia & Lynette, Waking up in the morning, one of my first rituals is to make porridge. I take out a small pot. Pour about two cups of water into it and place it on the stove. I then turn on the heat, the highest possible, which on our stove is 12. I pop […]

6/52 Smile and the world…

By Gregory John | 6. February 2017

Smile and the world smile’s with you. As you shout into the forest that’s how it’s going to come back round, Right?. So now, don’t be surprised how people treat you. It’s just your mirrored you. If you like your feedback treatment, cool. If not, it’s time to change your game plan a bit. Try […]

Garlic the Smelling Phenomena 5/52

By Gregory John | 31. January 2017

. Garlic Phenomena Have you ever meet someone who enjoys eating garlic? I have! You smell it. If it’s not the breath, then it’s coming out every pore. You know without a doubt, this person is hooked on garlic. They find every reason to add it to the meals made and are usually aware of their […]

Love 4/52

By Gregory John | 23. January 2017

13:45 on a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon. I had reset the table for the evening shift & was happy to call it a day. Nice to be able to earn the extra money, need I say more. A gentleman flowed by his wife & three kids entered the restaurant, and he inquired if we were […]

Preparation is everything! 3/52

By Gregory John | 16. January 2017

Preparation is everything! I’m often amazed how an individual can influence a  working environment. One question that I ask sometimes is this, “How have you invested into our  team, salon, environment today?”  It’s not an easy question but one that every team player needs to ask and understand.  The “Play Ground” as I like to call […]

What’s the problem? 2/52

By Gregory John | 11. January 2017

What’s the problem? I was looking forward to breakfast. It was hearty at nearly 30 euro, but hey let us see what they have to offer. It all looked very promising. Clean, food well presented. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee & a cook preparing bacon and eggs. I chose a comfortable corner and was looking forward […]

Passion 1 of 52

By Gregory John | 8. January 2017

  To my two sweethearts, These short stories are going to be the 1st of 52 blogs on different themes concerning hairdressing.  I hope that they will be fun to read, enlightening and help you get up to speed. Push, lean forward. Reach out to the stars of excellence. Maybe, you will touch one. So let’s talk […]

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