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21/52 Experience’s and Expectations, do you have any?

By Gregory John | 22. May 2017 | 0 Comments

Experience’s and Expectations, do you have any? Dear Lynette and Georgia Experience’s and Expectations was the subject, and it was great listening to the opinions of my colleagues and how clear it was to them and me concerning the importance of a positive shopping experience. As the saying goes, “The client is king,” but sadly […]

Market Via Giovanni 20/52

By Gregory John | 14. May 2017 | 0 Comments

  A market, A great atmosphere with expectation in the air. Dear Georgia & Lynette, The Market was busy, and people were working fast to get there stands ready for the start of a new day. A great atmosphere with expectation in the air. While we were walking past a vegetable and fruit stand, I […]

Baking cakes 19/52

By Gregory John | 9. May 2017

Baking Cakes Dear Georgia & Lynette. I always have as long as I can remember enjoyed been in the kitchen, its social, something is nearly always going down and I love to taste & cook. It’s a celebration of life and its goodness that it brings. Passionate farmers that produce the best that this beautiful […]

Going Home Sickness

By Gregory John | 1. May 2017

Going Homesickness Dear Georgia & Lynette We are slipping into week number 18. I am becoming more and more aware of writing a blog each week, the importance of TIME and how quickly time ticks on and waits for nobody. It’s so important to appreciate this fact by not letting a drop of its magic […]

Follow me; we can do this together

By Gregory John | 23. April 2017

Follow me; we can do this together Hi Georgia & Lynette I have been thinking a lot lately about team play & dynamic. In the first place, we know that a team is usually made up of more than one person. I have always related a team to a camp fire & have said I […]

Self-worth and your rights. 16/52

By Gregory John | 17. April 2017

Self-Worth Hi, my two sweetheart chocolate eaters! So let us talk about Self-Worth. I was so interested that I had to look it up in the dictionary and this is how they defined the word: The dictionary defines self-worth as, “the sense of one’s value or worth as a person”. Ok, so with this in […]

Backanleitung für den Kuchen der positiven Eigenschaften 15/52

By Gregory John | 10. April 2017

Backanleitung für den Kuchen der positiven Eigenschaften Man nehme eine große Portion Freude, ergänze sie mit einem Maß voll Leidenschaft, füge Liebenswürdigkeit und einen Schuss Freiheit hinzu. Man vermenge die Masse gut mit 100g Einfallsreichtum, 250ml Nächstenliebe und einem Becher Großzügigkeit. Weiters nehme man eine große Einheit Lebensfreude, schlage sie schaumig, hebe zwei Maß voll […]

Tools at your aid 14/52

By Gregory John | 3. April 2017

Tools Dear Lynette and Georgia, A discussion about improving one’s game of golf first and then investing and upgrading in a quality set of golf clubs and getting rid of the amateur ones seemed a reasonable approach. Such an approach is not well-considered thought. I hope to explain. Firstly we should never be reasonable. The […]

Show 13/52

By Gregory John | 27. March 2017

   Show Dear Lynette and Georgia, Have you ever had that feeling that you are missing out on something? Or have you been late for a cinema film! It’s quite a feeling hey. What about sitting in the front row at a concert or having just good seats that cost a small fortune and are happy […]

Learning something New 12/52

By Gregory John | 19. March 2017

Learning something New Dear Lynette, Learning something new always is an opportunity to grow. It’s that touch of uncertainty that needs to be overcome and embraced. It could be a new word that you learn or a new approach to a certain matter, that can have an excellent effect only when embarked. One needs to muster […]